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About Callywood Farms

Callywood Farms is a small-scale family run farm in Westminster, South Carolina. We are an animal welfare approved farm that strives to sustainably produce eggs, heritage chicken & pork. In addition, we offer several value added products including sourdough bread, granola, and classes, workshops, and more! Callywood Farms is licensed by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture.



Our animal welfare approved herd of pigs is a bit unique. We raise a cross between two heritage breeds: Gloucestershire Old Spot & Meishan. Our pigs have the back 5 acres of the farm with access to shade, pasture, root crops, and all the acorns they can eat.


We are passionate about healthy and happy hens that produce nutritious, beautiful eggs and meat that nourish you and your family. 



Our journey to farming has always been about our quest for good food. With over 12 years of experience farming, homesteading, and cooking Amanda & BJ offer various workshops and events aimed to help educate others in search of this lifestyle! 

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